Free Printable: 2011 Father’s Day Card

dad's day card

It’s so exciting to see how the “Free Printable” page is growing! After this Dad’s day printable, there will be a grand total of 29 free printables (including the Kokeshi 100 coloring sheets)! Woo Hoo!

Father’s Day is almost here… The card design is a doodle that I did awhile back (one of my favorites), and I thought it would look great as a dad’s card.

Download Printable

If the file doesn’t download right away, just right click and choose “Save link as…” – and it should save it to your desktop.


  • Paper – Card stock would work great
  • Printer (colored preferably)
  • Paper cutter or scissors


  • Print the card – make sure that you have the page scaling set up to “none” – do not “fit to page”
  • Cut the card in half
  • Fold
  • Write in the card – Don’t worry if you mess up, that’s why I included two.
  • Give the card to someone special!

To all of you awesome Dads – Happy Father’s Day!

dad's day card

My husband rocks big time! Luke has been my biggest supporter, helper, friend, and more! We’ve been together since 1996 (14 years) and it seems like we just started dating… I know, it’s a little cheesy, but seriously! Not only is he the best husband ever, he is also such a great dad to our busy boys. Thanks for everything, Luke!

dad's day

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4 responses to “Free Printable: 2011 Father’s Day Card”

  1. Tricia says:

    awesomeness Joy. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    fabulous!! I need to do one of these!

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