Free Printable: Kawaii Christmas Activity Kit!

Having a huge family get-together?  Want the kids to be busy, so the adults can have some time to really enjoy the holiday party?  Here’s a printable Kawaii Christmas Activity Kit filled with fun activities that will keep the kids occupied!

Download Printable Kit

What’s included:

  • Editable Scavenger Hunt Sheets – Download the Christmas Scavenger Hunt sheet.  Hide things around the house and give the children a list of things that they have to find.  You can use the items that I have listed or just fill out the sheet to add your own.
  • Two Activity Sheets – Coloring sheet with ornaments and a Christmas thank you card (for the cool presents that they’ll receive)
  • Stickers, Hang Tags, or Cupcake Toppers – to use for gifts or table decorations
  • Extra sheet of activity ideas
  • Instruction and Materials Sheet

Feel free to distribute! The digital file and the materials you print from this file are for your personal use only. Thanks for not altering this digital file. Materials printed using this digital file cannot be sold.

Thanks for stopping by! Want more printables?

I would love to hear your favorite Christmas activities! Please share them!

4 responses to “Free Printable: Kawaii Christmas Activity Kit!”

  1. Happy Hound Creative says:

    LOVE THIS!!! We will be printing it out and having some fun! Thanks for saving the day!!!

  2. Christa Lopez says:

    Found you on Pinterest! Thank you! A Christmas scavenger hunt is one of our Advent activities and this one, plus the coloring pages look easy and fun for my 5 and 2 year old girls.

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